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About The Show:

Subjects: Social Welfare, Environmental Welfare, Animal Welfare, Healthcare

Goal: Disrupt America’s broken systems to create community advocacy
through factual education from experts in their respective fields

Bring in the experts to discuss the facts of where we are now on key social welfare, environmental and animal welfare hot issues...........and what the community at large can do; advocacy they can implement to help create reform and sustainable changes that will shape the future.

Hot issues:

Immigration * Human Trafficking * Environmental Hazards (drinking water) & general pollution * Drug Trafficking * Animal Trafficking, Slaughter and Abuse * Healthcare (having a voice in your care)

About the Host:LisaMarie

LisaMarie is a Counselor, Holistic Functional Wellness Practitioner, Nutrition educator, Lifestyle creator, Corporate wellness presenter, Keynote speaker, and television host.

Known for her sincere kindness, creativity, and to the point wisdom, she utilizes her education, training and experience to help in the treatment and prevention of disease, emotional challenges, relationship challenges and healing.

LisaMarie’s background includes: twenty-six years in healthcare (20 corporate, 6 in private practice). Five years as host of Tune In To Wellness Today TV (cable access-SACC), Functional Wellness Practitioner, owner of Inspiring Wellness Solutions, LLC, board member for Peaceful Acres Horses, committee member for Troy BID Beautification and Gala committee’s. She is a nature and animal lover, and cherishes tea dates with her friends and playtime with her grandchildren.